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What a bargain! So Houzz's claim to rock bottom prices feels like a joke. Maybe they have "deals" on other items, but come the fuck on with trying to pretend this is a "true" trade program. The other thing that REALLY bothers me about the Houzz is that while you can sign up for their "trade program" where you earn credit to their marketplace But, that doesn't diminish the value of interior designers at all. Come at it from their perspective. You want to get the best deal that you can and so does your client.

Sometimes the TTT items aren't going to make sense for your client and sometimes they are really gonna save your client a bunch of money. If I was you, I'd put together a little book or a secret page on your website showing your clients' actual examples retail vs trade items.

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Explaining to them when it makes sense to buy retail and when it doesn't. A picture is worth a thousand words and in some cases, it might be worth thousands of dollars. Your interior design trade discount is valuable to you and your clients. That's why it's important that we rally together and support the companies that support us like DesignerInc and their manufacturers.

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore. Individual eDesign Courses. Sign In My Account. Take this umbrella stand Now, you can, and when you do spec TTT, you can avoid the bullshit Houzz "trade" program and still save your clients money.

All you have to do now is check out my new favorite resource: DesignerInc. When your client wants to buy retail Come at it from their perspective. I do not know of any wholesale manufacturers who would show their net price to consumers.

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They have to take their cut too! And some vendors do only sell in retail showrooms and stores. Thomasville and Ethan Allen are two such places. They will offer a trade discount but it might not be much lower than what is offered to the general public. The difference with me is that almost always there is no physical store.

Laurel Bern Interiors, Inc. Aug 20 Posted in: interior design 16 comments. Please note however, that the blog is meant as general advice. Thank you for your understanding. Facebook Pinterest Twitter LinkedIn. Pat Kennedy - April 21, - PM. Laurel Bern - April 21, - PM. Sandy - August 26, - PM.

Laurel Bern - August 27, - AM. Many of my colleagues undercharge if anything! Jeffrey - August 22, - AM. Laurel Bern - August 23, - AM. Karen - August 21, - PM.

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Frances Pusch - August 21, - PM. Laurel Bern - August 21, - PM. Of course, if I had wanted to spend half a day on it… As for fabric markups. Maggie S - August 21, - AM. Hi Maggie, Thank you so much!


Christine Pajonas - August 20, - PM. Laurel Bern - August 20, - PM. I've been creating new-traditional interiors for over 27 years. The blog is where I share all. Email Address. First of all……….

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Oh wait. Some of you need to go grab a paper bag. The problem is… There is no one way we charge. That of course, would present a conflict of interest. What IS retail? The answer is not an easy one and here is why.

senjouin-renkai.com/wp-content/sms/ueberwachung-haus-app.php That company is no longer in business, at least not under the same name. HOWEVER… Your designer may or may not be getting the best price available for that product, therefore, you might be paying more than you need to, or they might be making less than they should!

1) Professionals Have Connections

This is an important distinction. What about the internet? I hear you can get some great deals for deep discounts even if you are not in the trade.

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Why the variation? Are there any other situations? The designer discounts they provide are not available on sale items either.

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  4. Now, with some of these retailers, the designer has to buy the item s you want with their own credit card and has to, sometimes, call it in with a special account. And you know what time equals I know, however, that some designers do this. Because this is just how our business works.

    Want to see how unexpected things go wrong and how designers have to absorb that cost for their clients? You can check it out HERE. A BIG reason why we just can't give away product. Photographer: najeebkhan Click for Wed. Passing designer discounts to clients or friends It is a hot commodity. But whenever I have, I ended up regretting it. So, it actually costs me money to hand over my discount.